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I want to capture the frequency. When you hear Beauty Queen, you are hearing this girl in that moment: She’s standing in that bathroom, watching those girls put on that lipstick. I don’t want us to be talking to her 15 minutes later about what she realized in that bathroom. I want her to go back to that moment in the bathroom: It’s white. It’s that funny fluorescent light. It’s that tile, with the green crud in between. It’s those old toilets with the beautiful handles. You can hear the sound of the water dripping. Time doesn’t exist in that moment. I wanted you to feel that kind of swimming, where you’re almost coming back from 15 feet under water, and you’re coming up, and you’re almost up. That’s what it’s like in that bathroom, when you’re looking and you’re realizing what’s really going on at your table. That’s what I want to catch. This is not a confident girl. You are not at acceptance level. You are in her brain, getting triggered. The little windshield wipers are going, and you’re starting to see it from the other side. [You want to bring that moment…] …always onto the tape. Every time you hear it, that girl is in the bathroom, putting on that lipstick. Every time.

Tori Amos on the song “Beauty Queen”

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Emma: ‘Uh oh, the cover fell off’
Director: ‘Okay kids lets get started on the next scene’
Dan: ‘Shit, just put it back like this’
Dan, Rupert, Emma: ‘On the way!’ *walk away with innocent smiles*


- Band of Brothers (2001), Part 10: Points.

WINTERS: You didn’t tell him?NIXON: No, I couldn’t get him to shut up.WELSH: What? Tell me what?NIXON: Guts And Glory here applied for a transfer.WELSH: What?WINTERS: 13th Airborne are heading out for the Pacific right away. [pause] If I’m going, I want to get it over with.WELSH: [to Nixon] Are you in on this too?NIXON: I can’t let him go by himself. He doesn’t know where it is.
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now this is remarkable.
i hope you, too, thought this was a picture of actual human beings. the fingers that slightly indent the flesh of a woman. looks normal. but it should not. it is a 400 year old sculpture - marble - that is a fucking hard material.
contemporaries used to describe the way bernini worked as “raping marble” because he could do things to it, other were not even able to think of.
another sculpture of his “apollo and daphne” is just as remarkable because he managed to sculpt leaves that were so thin they became translucent. remember we are talking about stone here.
Bernini Sculpture: Pluto and Proserpina (1621-22)

art is possibly the best thing ever
This tremendous world I have inside of me. How to free myself, and this world, without tearing myself to pieces. And rather tear myself to a thousand pieces than be buried with this world within me. Kafka  (via moldavia)

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